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My names are Eseosa Eweka-Valentine. I go by the short form of my first name 'Sosa'. Equally important, I was born and raised in Nigeria. To be precise, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. 

As a little girl, I have always loved writing.  I just never knew the right time to share my views and create a fora for exchange of ideas, issues and opinions with the world. I guess the deciding moment for me happened a few years ago when I decided to take an Anthropology course after my move to Vancouver.This course changed my views, thinking and perspective on life. 

Daily, I am inspired by the fact that each and everyone of us see the world through different lenses. Consequently, causing our views on life to differ which makes up our individuality. I have learned over the years, that it is okay to differ in opinion. The fact that I don't see things through your prism doesn't make your judgement wrong and vice versa. 

I love writing about different cultures,  issues and also interviewing people from all walks of life. In 2015, I started blogging and it has been one of the best decisions I have made so far. Why don't you follow me on this amazing journey as I bring heart-warming contents your way.

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Mind-blowing, whimsical and profound are a few words I use to describe this book.

My thought on seeing this book on the shelf was this definitely is a catchy title, but there must be more to it

The shelf that housed this book in the bookstore had a note hanging on its edge. The message written on the sticky note had sparked my interest, besides the title which spurred me to purchase it.

Mark Manson, the author writes from a very honest and blunt standpoint; he challenges the culture of our generation, trends, norms which have now become perceived as normal. In this book, an outstanding point which I resonate with is the importance of being honest with yourself or else you get to bear the consequences of your actions.

Favourite part of the book

I love how the author highlights cultural differences that become aware to you when you travel from one country to another. Mark highlights his visit to over 54 countries with Russia standing out the most to him. He loved it due to the honest feedback - the not mincing of words gotten from it’s citizens. He gave an example of his outfit being uncoordinated and the honest feedback that came with it. He also highlights the cultural difference between living in Russia and the states, the need for people to be less blunt or sort of sugarcoat the truth. This !! I can absolutely relate to. I actually kind of felt weird about how people tend to mind their “business”, take for a example, your backpack could be open on the train and no one may deem it fit to tell you to zip it up until you find out. I had a friend talk about her experience on the skytrain which made me LOL. She had stuck a comb in her hair. The tip of the comb sat on her bun. She had traveled all the way from Vancouver to Surrey and no one mentioned she had a comb in her hair. See what I’m talking about??? LOL

He also talks about “first world problems” . Problems which are not problems, issues that are blown out of proportion. How ungrateful people are for the lives they have.

How has this book affected my thoughts and thinking?

Mark mentions how your values determine your happiness and not how much you earn. I totally agree with this author.

Questions I pondered on while reading this book

Is the key to a better life a more? More money, more more more more Money? Does this cause you to chase a mirage of happiness and satisfaction?

Has social media caused a lot of comparison? The “hey-look-my-life-is-cooler-than-yours-social-media” Do you think social media has caused lots of comparison?


“The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience”

The pain of honest confrontation is what generates the greatest trust and respect in your relationship

Pain is an inextricable thread in the fabric of life and to tear it out is only impossible but destructive; attempting to tear it out unravels everything else with it.

Greatness is merely an illusion in our minds, a made-up destination that we obligate ourselves to pursue, our own psychological Atlantis.


Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves, it is okay to fail

You have to choose your battles, what you choose to care about.

There will be no perfect time, the time is to start now!

Your purpose and ulterior motives pretty much determines you success in life

I would have classified this book as a motivational book, after a few chapters in but it clearly is not. It is just a book that teaches us to be honest with ourselves as much as possible. As honesty is the root through which success is born. Constantly, re-evaluating yourself, your why, your core values and metrics as this makes up your core being.

Perhaps you might be interested in reading this book after my review. Down below is the price ISBN number.

PRICE: CAN $21.99

ISBN 978 0062641540

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