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Welcome to my blog!!!

My names are Eseosa Eweka-Valentine. I go by the short form of my first name 'Sosa'. Equally important, I was born and raised in Nigeria. To be precise, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. 

As a little girl, I have always loved writing.  I just never knew the right time to share my views and create a fora for exchange of ideas, issues and opinions with the world. I guess the deciding moment for me happened a few years ago when I decided to take an Anthropology course after my move to Vancouver.This course changed my views, thinking and perspective on life. 

Daily, I am inspired by the fact that each and everyone of us see the world through different lenses. Consequently, causing our views on life to differ which makes up our individuality. I have learned over the years, that it is okay to differ in opinion. The fact that I don't see things through your prism doesn't make your judgement wrong and vice versa. 

I love writing about different cultures,  issues and also interviewing people from all walks of life. In 2015, I started blogging and it has been one of the best decisions I have made so far. Why don't you follow me on this amazing journey as I bring heart-warming contents your way.

With love,

Sosa xx


Experiencing the Art of Fashion through Fashion Voice

Experiencing the Art of Fashion through Fashion Voice

I love fashion. I love style. Style to me is the medium through which I express myself without uttering a word besides my body language. I believe what I wear conveys a strong message; I firmly believe you can tell an individuals pattern of thought /thought-process based on their choice of outfit.

I get oh sooo excited when I am invited to fashion shows and I am even more excited when I am asked to conduct live interviews at events of this sort because it help me stay trendy and in the know!

It was my first time attending an African Fashion Show. Although, I have attended fashion shows such as the Vancouver Fashion week in the past, however, this one was different for me as my brand (Talks With Sosa ) was also featured in the first edition of their magazine distributed and wildly sold at the event. This was a fashion show that featured collections made of beautifully tailored Ankara outfits; dresses, pants, blouses and skirts.

The fashion show took place at New Westminster’s finest art gallery and Studio. I loved the ambiance to the space, the lighting, white background and contemporary interior design.

A huge number of the outfits modeled were made of Ankara Fabric. Anything made of Ankara outfits for the most part gets my utmost attention. Just recently, I realized I actually have more clothes made out of Ankara outfits in my wardrobe than any other selection. The outfits showcased at this event without a doubt oozed elegance.

Please enjoy some pictures. Photo credit: Rene Gaviola

Photo credit : @renegaviola

Photo credit : @renegaviola

Style Travels Through Time; 30 years after we somewhat have the same taste

Style Travels Through Time; 30 years after we somewhat have the same taste